170th - 1st Flight Platoon 1970-71

1st Flight Platoon - Getting ready to leave Kontum, March 1971
Left to Right: Those I think I can Identify (Henry)
1.Steve Birket 2.Bob Brown (2nd Plt) 3.Dennis Kunkel 4. William (Bill) Smith 5.Henry Winther, 6.Vincent Davies
7.__ Blaze 8.Donald Fassnacht 9. sitting: Steve Knight 10. sitting: Rick Jepson 11.___ 12.Brian Hill 13.Jeff Jeffers

09/13/04 Sharon Brown
I believe the picture of the 170th-1st flight platoon 1970-1971 left to right spot two is Bob Brown of Akron,Ohio
Approximate Photo Timeframe
Photo Provided By: Gary Ott