170th Assault Helicopter Company
Company Roster

Gathered from various sources of documentation,
this is an Unoffical Roster of those that were found listed
as being assigned to the 170th Assault Helicopter Company,
or that were attached to the 170th,
or that are of a Historical Importance
to those that are listed here.

Please Note that this is a Large file, 1500+ names are listed,
it is being kept as one web page to allow you to search the whole roster.
Any Corrections and Updates should be emailed to: bikini170@yahoo.com
The 170th Status: (Living) * indicates that we have some contact data
if you are not Marked as such, or have changed any of your information
on how to be contacted, please send an update.
Anyone that knows of a 170th members passing, please send an update.

After many years, and lots of research, Here Is the 170th Roster...
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170th Roster