A call went out from a war torn land
they needed a new type of warrior
made of true grit and sand
So volunteers came in small groups and alone
to stand up and be counted for a mission unknown

All they knew was to do what was expected of them
demanded more than they could be taught or was written with ink and pen
It demanded something new
something bold and extreme
throw away the book and push the envelope's seam

So they looked and they examined
they tried and they worked
Taking what they were taught couldn't be done and making it work
New weapons new tactics on new birds of prey
Until their new skills were honed and they were ready to make the enemy pay

Then once they felt ready
once they felt it was right,
they checked their commitment, their dedication to fight
They painted a Bikini clad woman on the nose of their gear
loaded themselves down with ammo, and threw away all fear

Then mounted on dragons, riding the winds of death
they rode into the gates of hell in formation of three abreast
In the center were the slicks with men of honor and strength
flanked by the guns raining terror below
with 60's blazing and rockets spewing death hell exploded in its greatest depths

There was no where to hide
no crook, cranny or cave
no Deamon was safe
when the 170th brought the war home
to that horrible place

They soared in from high above
then dropped like stones
their dragons wings folded
their heads pointed down, straining alone

Then suddenly the dragons wings spread
his descent stopped abrupt
its claws touched hells floor
and it belched fire and dust

From inside its belly
The passengers came
Men determined and angry with their guns all ablaze
And the 170th spewed death from the dragon's gunner well
while the Panthers that were with them roared past with rockets and lead

Demons fell helpless from the power and might
the determination and courage of the 170th flight
They were unprepared for a war at their home
It was totally out of order
Totally against all the rules that were known

And the deepest part of hell
burst into flames and dispair
and hell filled with the screams of terror from all that reside there
and they coward and hid where ever they could
as they watched the 170th pick up their passengers and soar away in the air

And when the last Bikini flew out of the other end of Hell
and settled its dragons feet and lowered its tail
From deep below in the bowels of the earth
They heard the Devil scream in his frustration and pain from that pit of black
"Who were they, where did they come from,
close the gates and pray they don't come back!"

Don Summers
170th AHC 1969 - 1970