For all of those who have served in whatever capacity with the
170th Assault Helicopter Company, 52nd Aviation Battalion
this was our home away from home.
Dennis Durak

I was the new kid in town, and pulling standard maintenance inspection for the aircraft. They told me the engine was in here. Ha! Ha!

Guess what the engine was at the top.I found that out after reading my inspection manual two days later.

Getting ready to fly and flying to pick up a company of GI's and flying to the L.Z.

Doing some last minute maintenance, by torqueing the Jesus Nut, getting ready to fly for TAC E at night if needed.

A Very Very Sexy Lady

The humanitarian side of this crazy Vietnam war came to light for me when (chaplain) Major Rendahl
asked me and a few other guys to help build a church at a Montagnard village. I felt compelled to go
further and asked my mom and dad, back home, for help for these poeple. Mom and dad got with their
church group, friends, and family for a food and clothing drive. In a two month period I had enough
food and clothing to fill two duce and a halfs to be delivered. I can't find the pictures of the
food and clothes the were delivered; but here are the pictures of the church and the Montagnard people.

170th Web Page Prepared for Dennis Durak...
His Words, Layout and Photos, with my Scanner and Computer Skills (Henry)

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