170th Assault Helicopter Company
VHPA - xxx 2000 Las Vegas

Mini Reunion - Web Site Photos donated by Gary Ott
Please help identify the People and any Photo Details

001_Vegas Airport.gif

002_Vegas Luxor 00.gif

003_Vegas Luxor 01 .gif

004_Vegas Luxor 02 .gif

005_Vegas Needle.gif

006_VHPA 00.gif

007_VHPA 01.gif

008_VHPA 02.gif

009_VHPA 03.gif

010_VHPA 04.gif

011_VHPA 05.gif

012_VHPA 06.gif

013_VHPA Missing Man .gif

014_Allan and Barbara.gif

015_Barb at Slots vegas.gif

016_Barb at Slots Vegas 01.gif

017_Barb Gail Dave.gif

018_Barb Vegas.gif

019_Bikini's 68.gif

020_Early Bikini 01.gif

021_Early Bikini 02.gif

022_Early Bikini 03.gif

023_Early Bikini 04.gif

024_Gail Greer and Barbara Hoffman.gif

025_Gary Knight.gif

026_Gary Knight and his two wives.gif

027_George and His Cav Hat.gif

028_George and Lisa.gif

029_George and Mary.gif

030_Joe Bennie 01.gif

031_Joe Bennie 02.gif


033_Mary 01.gif

034_Mary 02.gif

035_Mike Harding.gif

036_The Hanebrinks.gif

037_The Hardings.gif

038_The Otts.gif

039_The Wilsons.gif